10 Fun Family Lawn Games for Summer

Why limit your family fun this summer to board games when you have a backyard to put to use? Save Scrabble and Monopoly for rainy nights — these games may help you and the family make the most of the summertime!

Lawn Scrabble: Don’t get us wrong; we still love Scrabble. Make it a little more interesting and play a life-size Scrabble game. Cut cardboard into large square pieces, and write the letters on with a marker. Run around the yard making your moves.

Bean Bag Toss: A classic game that will keep the whole family entertained. Simply toss bean bags through the board. Decorate your boards together as a fun family DIY project.

Jenga: Another board game come to life. Use plywood and make Jenga pieces. See who can keep the tower from toppling!

Ring Toss: Make a DIY ring toss set. Spend time testing your hand eye coordination! Warning: this game can be strangely addictive!

Mini Golf: Buy a mini golf set so you can practice your putt! Maybe take your skills to an actual mini golf course with the family after. Here’s hoping for a hole in one.

Outdoor Bowling: Set up an outdoor bowling lane and see who can get a strike!

Tag: You don’t need any accessories for a game of tag. You’ll get exercise while running around, and your kids may actually be looking forward to nap time!

Kickball: Kickball may bring back PE class flashbacks, but it’s a game the entire family will enjoy. Kick the kickball and run as fast as you can!

Water Balloon Fight: Water balloons make everything more exciting. Beat the heat with a water balloon fight!

Basketball: Can’t go wrong with the classics. If you don’t have a hoop, attach a basketball net on your garage door. Your family can play countless games of horse or just shoot hoops. Or make it a bit more interesting: Split up into teams, and have the loser prepare dinner!

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