Is It OK to Use the Bathroom When You’re Touring a House?

It’s a marathon house-hunting day. As you check out the 5th listings brand new windows, it suddenly hits you: “Oh man, I have to go to the bathroom.” Should you, or shouldn’t you?

Well, Can I Use the Bathroom?

If you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go — but don’t just wander off and take care of business. It might not work in every house. Literally.

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7 Ways to Combat Clutter in the New Year

The New Year is the time for a fresh start. It brings a feeling of starting over, and an opportunity to improve all areas of your life. In the New Year, take some time to complete projects you’ve been putting off for months. You can create an even better home for you and your family by decluttering and organizing your home.

Follow these tips for easy and quick ways to de-clutter your home.

1. Keep things at arms reach: Keep items you use daily somewhere where they can be easily reached, whether that’s in a basket, on a shelf, or in a cabinet. Store everything that is used sparingly on a higher shelf or in the garage or attic. It will be easier to find what you need when you need it.

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5 Sneaky Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Shhhh…we’re sharing some sneaky storage tips. According to Psychology Today’s Sherrie Bourg Carter, messy homes make people feel overwhelmed, anxious, and helpless. As she says, mess leads to stress. Your home should feel like a sanctuary, not a penitentiary. These storage tips may make your home feel cleaner and more organized.

Fold Everything Down:

We’re not talking about folding your clothes (which will also save you space), but instead, we mean thinking about installing a desk or a kitchen table that can be folded when it’s not in use. Bring the furniture back out when it’s time for Thanksgiving or poker night.

Use Multi-Purpose Pieces:

One clever way to make more space in a small room is to implement items that serve two purposes: like a hollow ottoman or a trunk. They will be there taking up space either way, so why not fill it them up to tackle two problems at once?

Set Up Built-In Shelving:

You may be able to save space with built-in shelving. These shelves usually don’t take up as much space as bookshelves, and you can use them to line an entire wall from floor to ceiling! Use them to store books, collections, toiletries, and other things that are taking up space in your home.

Hang Out in Your Kitchen:

One of the trickiest storage problems in small kitchens is finding space for all of the pots and pans. They take up too much space in a cupboard, so hang them from the ceiling instead. It will add to the decor of the room, and it might be easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re in the middle of a brilliant cooking concoction. Similarly, you can hang cups and mugs from under-shelf hangers, which may free up more space in the cupboards for plates, bowls, platters, and other things that stack.

Set up a Creative Corner:

Anyone in a small space may tell you that creatively filling every single space can be difficult. For a small room that is already full (but still needs more storage) look into corner shelves. Don’t cut corners—use them!

Filling your home with hidden storage may be a great way to tuck all of your items away and keep your home organized. Take everything out of the closet or junk drawer and start using these stealth storage solutions.

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Tips to Get Buyers in the Right Spirit!

It’s that time of year as calendars are packed with holiday parties, budgets are strained by gift-giving, and the roads are covered in freshly fallen snow. Alas, ’tis not the season for real estate. But the good news is, the brave few house-hunters who do venture out are serious about buying a house and stylish trimmings will make them want to ring in the new year in your home.

Try these tips to get buyers in the right spirit:

Clean and stage. Before you decorate, your house needs to be staged. If your living room is already piled high with clutter and your ceramic reindeer collection is only going to add to the sense of overcrowding.
Create a cozy vibe. The less-is-more mantra of home staging may tempt you to for go holiday cheer this year. But a few subtle touches like a bowl of pinecones, an evergreen wreath, or a pot of cider simmering on the stove can create a warm and festive feeling in your home.

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