How one family fell head over tails in love with their new best friend

October 30, 2019

Maureen Seguin and her family had been visiting their local BC SPCA branch every week in hopes of finding the right pet for their busy household. That’s when staff told them about an upcoming event called Fall Head Over Tails in Love. For one day, adoption fees and BC Pet Registry fees would be 50 per cent off. The timing was right and the family found a kitten called Juniper (now Yondu) who was calm and affectionate towards their baby.

We caught up with Seguin a year later to hear more about that magical moment where they first met Yondu and see how she’s doing in her new home.

Q: Why did you decide to adopt from the BC SPCA?

A: We chose to adopt from the SPCA because it’s the right thing to do. If I can make a difference in that pet’s life by giving them a loving home then it’s a win-win for everyone.

Q: What was special about Yondu that helped you choose her?

A: We originally wanted an older cat as I thought a kitten would be too much work with an almost one-year-old and another baby on the way. We’d go to the SPCA weekly and the older cats were scared of my daughter Maeve because she was so excited to see cats. Yondu was the only one in the room who actually engaged with Maeve so we knew she was truly a special cat because my daughter is loud… haha.

Q: What was she like when you first brought her home?

A: Yondu was super friendly and calm. I remember telling my husband that Yondu was an old soul as she didn’t scratch furniture or participate in kitten- like behaviours. She is just happy being with us.

Q: Can you tell us about her personality?

A: Yondu is super sweet, gentle and loves to cuddle. Maeve would corner her and pull her whiskers at times and Yondu never hissed, scratched or meowed. It’s almost as though she knew that Maeve was a baby too and just understood. Yondu shares lots of characteristics of a dog, she loves to walk on a leash and is always at the door waiting for us to come home.

Q: What are your favourite memories with her so far?

A: Watching Yondu with the kids – whether it’s cuddling them or chasing them around the house.

Q: What’s your advice for others looking to adopt a pet?

A: The BC SPCA is the way to go to give an animal a second chance for having a family. If you’re not sure because you also have young kids it might be a good idea to foster the animal first. We had the opportunity to foster Yondu for a week before we signed the papers to keep her.