Is your Real Estate Agent working for you?

Is your realtor working hard enough so that your house gets the exposure that it needs to attract buyers that are looking. It’s important that you know exactly what your realtor is doing to advertise your home. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions afterall this is your home and the goal is to have it SOLD.

The Best Way to Approach This Topic with Your Realtor

No one wants to feel as though someone is bossing him or her but you did hire your Realtor to do a job. That job is to work on getting your house the exposure it needs to sell. If you have a Realtor who isn’t putting the effort that he or she needs to, you are the one who remains stuck in a home you can’t sell.

The best way to approach your Realtor about what methods he or she is using to advertise your home is by making suggestions to open up discussion. For example, you could say you heard that some of your neighbors had luck with an open house. See what your Realtor’s reaction is and then use that as a lead into, “What else can we do to increase our exposure?” By not using the word, “you” you avoid finger pointing and bossiness. Instead, you are implying that it’s a team and it takes some of the pressure off the situation.

If you don’t get anywhere with this approach. You may just have to come out and say, “What types of methods of advertisements have you used for my home?” If your Realtor answers by saying that he or she has placed it in real estate books and magazines, ask to see them. You can mention that you would like to keep some for a keepsake, pass out to friends and family and/or to do some advertising on your own.

If Your Realtor isn’t Working for You

Check your contract for a way out so you can find another Realtor that will do a job that you are satisfied with. If you are unable to get out of contract with your Realtor, contact the realty office to speak to his or her supervisor. Keep in mind that this might spoil your relationship you have with your Realtor, so only do this as a last resort. The best way is to handle it with the Realtor and work together because you both have a common goal…selling your home.