Baby Proof Your New Home: 5 Must-Dos

Baby proofing your home does not have to be super hard task. It is easy to overlook certain things left out on the counter or forget to plug up that outlet under the table. Make sure you go through this list for the 5 MUST DO’s.

Areas to watch out for

Certain parts of your home need more attention than others because of the products that may be stored there. These areas include kitchen, bathroom and any stairs.

The kitchen of course is full of sharp objects and other trinkets that your little explorer may find interesting.

Bathrooms have germs as well as chemicals. Leaving the bathroom door closed at all times will help eliminate this area as a baby playground.

Stairs are always something you’ll want to look out for. It is easy for your little crawler or walker to slip down and have a huge accident. Be sure to get your baby gates up and install right.

Ideas that will surprise you

Unless you’re a parent of multiple children you might not have considered these few options. These are the ultimate ways to make sure you keep your baby safe.

1.Take a look at your heating source

Home that have baseboard heaters (electric or hot water), babies can easier get their fingers in there. Be sure to be aware of what is near the heater so it doesn’t seem attractive to babies. Also if you have a fireplace, be sure to either purchase a gate to protect baby from touching the hot glass or don’t have them too close to sparks if you have a wood burning one.

2. Get a toilet lock

Toilet locks are designed to keep little curious fingers out of the way of a slamming toilet. Installing one of these will also limit where your baby can touch, so they don’t plunge themselves into a bowl of germs.

3. Move all cords

Go around the house, into all the rooms and make sure cords are out of baby’s reach. Little ones love to put things in their mouths. Cords included.

4. Inspect hand me down baby equipment

You might have family or friends who offer to give you some of their lightly used baby gear. Just make sure you fully inspect items before placing baby in them. A loose strap or broken piece could easily harm your little adventurer.

5. Watch out for the family pet

You may have had dogs or cats for years, and years. Just because you trust your pet doesn’t mean they are not still capable of causing harm to a baby. Most of the time your pet will not target your baby but your baby might be antagonizing the pet. Babies are curious and often times put their hands where they shouldn’t be or just mess with pets in general. Always keep an eye out for house pets when baby is around. Never let them go unattended.

Your baby’s safety is the most important factor

Baby always comes first. You may have to rearrange or temporarily move certain things out of your home. All of this is completely worth it when you think of the possibilities of what could happen. Good luck and Stay Safe.