Welcome to 2019! The New Year has officially arrived and with it, New Year’s resolutions! As most are aware, New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to stick with past the first few weeks of January. Stay true to your 2019 resolutions by using these helpful tips!

Write It down in a Visible Location

It’s far easier to abandon a resolution when it’s never visible throughout your daily routine. If you are serious about sticking to your resolutions this year, be sure to write them down in a place that you will look at every day. This could be a sticky note on the fridge, a notification on your phone, or anything in between! Seeing your resolutions on a daily basis puts them at the front of your mind and higher on your priorities.

Let People Know

When you make a resolution, be sure to let the people you care about know! Whether this is your spouse or some coworkers, letting people know can help to create a support system that encourages you to stay true to your goals. Also, you will be far less likely to abandon a resolution knowing that you might face the judging glances of a colleague or loved one!

Make Your Resolution a Part of Your Daily Routine

It can be hard to stick to a resolution when you haven’t made the time for it! If possible, try to schedule your resolution into your week to ensure that it becomes a firmly ingrained part of your day-to-day life. Once your resolution becomes a part of your daily lifestyle, sticking to it will be a breeze!

Hope everyone has an amazing 2019!