Do you have a Good Buyer’s Agent?

What Makes a Good Buyer’s Agent?

Do you have a good buyers agent? A good buyer’s agent should be able to guide you in getting pre -qualified for a mortgage. Knowing all your options about how to get a mortgage is vital. Whether you choose to go to your bank or to a mortgage broker, a good agent should be able to offer a 2nd opinion of another mortgage specialist to get you your best results. At the end of the day, you want to be working with a lender that you trust, feel comfortable with and will communicate with you each step of the way.

A good buyers agent is someone who is dedicated and patient in explaining to you the process of how to buy a home. This agent should be knowledgeable educated and have solid resources to help you on your way.

A Buyers agent is responsible to find properties that meet your needs and requirements that may include location, price and specifics such as size and extras the home must have. It’s important to choose an agent who specializes in the area that you are looking for therefore you have someone who truly understands what you want.

Once you have an accepted offer, an inspection usually comes next. It goes without saying that a good buyer’s agent is at the home inspection the entire time the home inspector is there. A buyer’s agent should go over the inspector’s report and explains every detail to you.

Throughout the process a good buyer’s agent is in constant contact with the lender and you. It is so important to be aware of each step in the process and make sure that everything is taking place in a timely manner. There is nothing worse than finding out in those last days that somebody dropped the ball and the closing won’t take place on time.

These are things that a good buyer’s agent does for you. This is what makes working with a buyer’s agent so important!