5 Annual check-up tips for your home!

I hate to use the F word but FALL is among us and there is no better time to start doing some annual check ups on your home before the cold weather kicks in and you’ll have every excuse not to get things done. Here are 5 things around the house to check annually. By being proactive with these listed items, I could actually help save you thousands of dollars down the road!!

Try to stay aware of potential issues that lurk in the furnace room, behind your walls and up on the roof. If you keep on top of your yearly maintenance, you won’t need to pay big bucks down the road to fix major problems. Here are some of my best tips for your home’s fall physical.

1. Green light

If you own an older home and your furnace is 20 years old or more, it’s well worth the investment to replace it with a high-efficiency Energy Star-rated model. If your furnace was installed no more than 10 years ago, look for ways to improve “the building envelope” to help reduce energy loss. Fall is a great time to check out the seals on windows and doors, for starters, and change your furnace’s filter. If you can, have an energy audit done every five years to keep tabs on the mechanical systems in your home.

2. All charged up

You should replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year. A good rule to follow is to check your detectors when you change your clocks in the spring and fall. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide monitoring system in your home, please buy one. They cost less than $100 and have been proven to save lives.

3. Review & Renew

You renew your driver’s licence, car insurance and magazine subscriptions, so it makes sense to renew your service contracts, too. There’s nothing worse than having your air

conditioner conk out the week after your service contract has expired. A service plan is like an insurance policy to keep your furnace and air conditioner in tip-top shape and costs about $20 a month. Store the paperwork in a safe place, so you can check expiration dates and renewal deadlines.

4. Repair or replace?

An asphalt shingled roof has a lifespan of 12 to 20 years, while a slate roof can last 60 years or more. While you can replace roof shingles without going through the hassle and expense of replacing the entire roof, take the time in autumn to really look closely for signs of water damage, sagging or even light shining through. If you’re unsure, hire an expert.

5. In the gutter

Clearing out the gutters is a twice-a-year job. While the work isn’t pretty, eavestroughs clogged with leaves and sticks can spell disaster for your roof. If cleaning your eavestroughs isn’t your idea of a fun Saturday, consider having leaf gutter guards installed.

NOTE: Paying the price… Neglecting your home’s health now can have serious implications later.