Steps in De-Cluttering the Bedroom!

Clutter can build up in a bedroom and make the room seem crowded. If your closet or dresser space is full, organize the room to accommodate new items. Impose a rule that no new piece of clothing goes into a bedroom closet or drawer unless an old piece is removed. To fully remove clutter and organize your bedroom, though, give it a deep cleaning and use the opportunity to get rid of as many things as you can.

Step 1: Remove any items from the bedroom that belong in other rooms. Do not use the bedroom as a storage space for things that belong elsewhere. Pick up any clothing, books or papers sitting on the floor. Identify a shelf, closet or drawer to store those items. If you lack a place to put them, add hooks, shelves or a small end table in the room to serve this purpose. Vacuum or wash the floor.

Step 2: Remove all items from table and dresser surfaces and shelves, then sort the items. Throw away unneeded items, such as tags and receipts for clothing. Identify a storage place for toiletries, such as a cabinet for makeup or hair products. Limit decorative jewelry boxes, photos, knickknacks and other items on display to just a few items. Use earring trees and necklace hangers to save space. Dust furniture surfaces, as well as the decorative items. Store, donate or sell the items you no longer use.

Step 3: Remove any clothes, books or other items on top of the bed, leaving only the usual bedding and pillows. Make a practice of not leaving laundry on the bed. Limit decorative pillows to simplify the room’s appearance. Purchase storage containers that can fit under the bed, and use them to store linens, seasonal clothes or family memorabilia.

Step 4: Remove the contents of each dresser drawer. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn for six months or, in the case of seasonal clothes, items unused in over a year. Sort the clothes, and designate a drawer for each type of clothing. Fold the clothes neatly before returning them to the drawers. Recycle, donate or sell your unused clothing

Step 5: Pull everything out of the bedroom closet to get a fresh start. Recycle, donate or throw away clothing you no longer use. Hang seasonal clothes in garment bags, and move them to the back of the closet during the off-season. Shop for storage containers to fit your closet, such as closet organizers, shoe shelves, shelf dividers and belt and tie racks. Use suitcases to store blankets, and replace bulky hangers with sleeker styles. Use a hanger holder that has the option of extending from the wall or collapsing to save space.

Step 6: Make a habit of making your bed every day, putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket and storing clean clothes. Set a weekly schedule to vacuum the floor and to dust surfaces. Make a commitment to keeping your bedroom clean and organized.

Remember the bedroom is where you will spend 1/3 of your life- make it a room you want to be in.