10 questions for an Interior Designer

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home, or want to make some redecorating choices in your existing space, you may want to hire an interior decorator to help you get the job done. But before you hire a designer to transform a room or area in your home, there are several questions you should ask to ensure that you’re connecting with the right designer to carry out your home decorating vision.

1. Credentials

Be sure to ask your interior designer about their credentials and qualifications when it comes to home design. Find out what school the designer attended and inquire about any professional affiliations they may have, so that you’ll feel at ease with the training and expertise that the designer will bring to your home project.

2. Portfolio

Ask the interior designer if you can see some of the work they have done for
other clients in portfolio form. Most interior designers will have both an online
and print portfolio these days, so you should be able to log onto the designer’s website at any time to view previous work that may be similar to the job you want done.

3. Years of Experience

Even though you’ve seen the designers portfolio and credentials, be sure to ask how long the designer has been working professionally. The more experience the designer has, the more comfortable you may feel allowing them to complete major home projects, such as knocking out a wall or replacing floors. However keep in mind that junior designers can be more eager and are fresh out of school with new ideas to bring to the table.

4. Work Requirements

During your initial consultation, ask your interior designer if they want to take on an entire home project or are willing to work on only one room or area. Some designers will only accept a project if they design for the entire home, so make sure you are clear on this before signing any contracts.


Let your interior designer know what your budget is and ask whether the home remodeling project you want completed will fit within this budget. This way, you’ll know exactly how much money you need before any work is done.

6. Payment

Ask the designer how much of a deposit is required before work can begin. Inquire about how you can pay for services, so that you can set up a workable payment plan.

7. Length of Project

Ask your interior designer how long the home decor project will take so that you and your family can make the proper adjustments. Work of this type usually takes longer than anticipated, so prepare for the project to extend at least two weeks more than projected.

8. Contract

Inquire about all aspects of the contract between you and the interior designer so that there are no misunderstandings during the decorating process. Ask about any terms that you’re not clear on and get clarification on the ones that you understand well.

9. Construction Crew

Ask the designer if you need to hire your own construction crew. In many cases, the interior designer has a group of go-to contractors for projects, but you’ll need to know this before any work is done so that you can hire additional professionals and budget accordingly.

10. Leadership

Talk to your interior designer about the way the home design project will
be conducted. Ask the professional if they work best by being the leader on a project, or welcome lots of input from the homeowner, so that you’ll know whether you and the designer can work together.