A Fresh Start to the New Year!

Now that the holiday buzz has calmed down, it’s time to clean up the decorations, renew your mind and start your new year off on the right foot. I hope these tips will help you with the new year turnover.

Un-deck the halls

Now that the excitment of the holidays has passed, it’s time for the often-dreaded task of packing and storing the decorations. Before dismantling, take photos of each vignette and adhere the photios to the front of boxes where the items will be contained. Next year you will be able to quickly determine which item goes where without having to rely on your memory to recreate the scene.

Practice safe storage

If you no longer have the original packaging your delicate ornaments came in, place items in re-sealable sandwich bags (to protect from humidity) and store them in cardboard wine boxes from the liquor store. Smaller ornaments can be packed in egg cartons, which can be stacked and stored in a plastic tote. Use zippered garment bags to store oddly shaped decorations that are too bulky to fit into a box. Hang linen tableclothes and place mats on skirt hangers to help prevent creases.

Simple tricks to make next year easier

Pack an ‘open first’ box to store items you’ll need at the beginning of the holiday season, like greeting cards and cookie tins. It will save you from digging through all the other trimmings to find them. Consider paring down on seasonal items that take up valuable storage space and decorate with natural accents instead. Nuts, pinecones, fresh greenery, flowers and seasonal fruit (like pomegranates and cranberries) add a festive touch and can be tossed after the holidays.

Reflect on your efforts
Too often, we tend to focus on how much more we have to do rather than stopping

to celebrate, or even notice, our accomplishments. When I coach my clients, I often ask them waht they have tachieved over the last week and I notice that it sets a positive tone of our call.

Let go of brain clutter

If you are having difficulty focusing, it could be that other things are competing for space in your brain. Brains are like computers- if the memory is too ful, they work slower. A good way to free up some RAM in yoru brain is to download on a piece of paper all the things our mind is trying to hold onto.

Let your mind loose and give creativity a boost

When faced with a problem, the left or linear side of the brain tries to come up with a solution. However, there does come a point when forcing it is counter productive. Sometimes we need to turn the left side off in order to come up with creative, out of the box solutions. When our conscious minds have forgotten about the problem, the right side of the brain can solve it out of the blue. Engage the creative side of the brain by taking a walk, having a shower, dancing or simply day dreaming. If you can just left go, creative ideas will ciome when you least expect them.